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Positioning, Messaging and PR for Your Firm Its Professionals

You know what sets your firm apart from the rest. But do your clients? Do you get the sense your clients hire you for smaller cases but not larger, more lucrative ones? It may be because they erroneously believe you’re not capable of delivering on the services they require. This is an opportunity to reconsider positioning and messaging—two items crucial to your firm’s marketing efforts.

How will your firm position itself to compete for client preferences?

At Dore Consulting, we know how important brand positioning is for setting your firm apart from the competition. Our goal is for your clients to connect your firm with what you do best. To do this, we build strong associations between your brand and your messaging. A well-defined brand position can become the basis for all other PR and marketing strategies. It can help you craft your marketing messages, clarify the services you offer and even drive creative decisions. Our marketing consultants will work with you to identify competitive differentiators that will help your firm stand out from the crowd.

Why blend in when your firm was made to stand out?

From the moment you hire Dore Consulting, your passion becomes our passion. This desire and dedication makes us invaluable to firms in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, and throughout the Pacific Northwest and is the reason they continue to look to Dore Consulting to provide a wide range of marketing and public relations services. Whether it’s firm rebranding or the creation of strategic marketing plans, we’ve got you covered. Contact Dore Consulting to learn more about how we can help your firm. 

Can we help you with your Positioning and Messaging in the Greater Seattle area?

We're the Seattle legal marketing firm that works closely with our clients, to understand their unique goals and in turn drive positive results. Call 425.757.4280 or send us a note today!

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