Contract Chief Marketing Officer Services

Contract Chief Marketing Officer Services

By combining the most current marketing research, pricing, and advertising, you can create an effective marketing strategy that will generate exceptional leads and revenue for your firm. However, not all law firms have the time or resources to put together a comprehensive marketing strategy and execute this strategy effectively.

Dore Consulting provides all the same services that a law firm would receive from an in-house marketing professional, but on an “as needed” basis. This solution is often perfect for small to mid-size firms that simply don’t have the budget for a full in-house Chief Marketing Officer.

Don’t use your billable time working on your firm’s marketing plan

At Dore Consulting, you can contract our services to oversee the planning, development, and execution of your firm’s marketing and advertising initiative. As your Chief Marketing Officer, I provide high-level marketing support that is tailored specifically to your firm. Quite simply – whatever you need, I get it done. And not by simply following a checklist – but by immersing myself in your business, identifying problems, and providing solutions. 

Looking for Contract Chief Marketing Officer Services in the Greater Seattle area?

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