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Five Business Development Ideas for Lawyers in the Summer

Industry News June 06, 2023

As summer approaches, lawyers have a unique opportunity to boost their business development efforts and make the most of the season. While many professionals might assume that summer is a slow period for the legal industry, it can be an ideal time to implement creative strategies that attract new clients, strengthen existing relationships, and build a strong foundation for future growth. I will share with you five business development ideas that lawyers can employ during the summer months to maximize their success.

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Client Outreach During The COVID19 Crisis

Industry News March 25, 2020

The COVID19 crisis has permanently changed our daily lives. We are facing challenging times where everyone in our community is affected. There is not one person who is not worried and stressed over their loved ones' health and the future of our economy. Everyone is just a little on edge to say the least. This includes businesses. This includes law firms.

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Five Reasons Your Firm Should Make the Switch to Outsourcing

Industry News January 11, 2018

We're all familiar with the positive benefits marketing can have for a business, but is it the right move for your firm to hire a full-time marketing director? Before commiting to a costly and permanent decision, consider an effective and proven alternative, outsourcing. Here are the top five reasons we believe outsourcing is the answer;

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Tips To Make Attending A Conference A Success

Industry News October 19, 2017

Prior to attending a conference, there are a few things you should remember. Attending Conferences can either be productive or totally overwhelming and a drain, depending on certain factors. Investing time, money, travel, and energy to go to conferences makes it all the more important to prepare. You don't want to feel rushed at the last-minute or worse yet - while you are there.

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5 Things Your Law Firm's Website Needs

Industry News June 29, 2017

Most legal websites leave a lot to be desired. They're typically nothing more than a laundry list of accomplishments, and they often fail to address how law firms can help solve clients' problems. Ultimately, the goal of your law firm's website is to get you more clients. Here are 5 things your website needs to achieve that goal.

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