We’re all familiar with the positive benefits marketing can have for a business, but is it the right move for your firm to hire a full-time marketing director? Before commiting to a costly and permanent decision, consider an effective and proven alternative, outsourcing.

Here are the top five reasons we believe outsourcing is the answer;

1)  It’s Cost Effective

As I hinted at before,  outsourcing is a great solution for firms with a modest marketing budget or for individuals interested in keeping costs low. Hiring a full-time employee is expensive,  resulting in many  added costs for your firm like federal taxes, health benefits, office space and parking. Alternatively, the cost of hiring someone under contract keeps the financial impact very low. This results in a win-win for the firm.

2) Efficiency

Firm partners are tasked with the challenge of taking on several different roles. Leadership is overwhelmed with all the hats they have to wear.  Hiring an outside seasoned professional gives you the ability to hand off your marketing and business development projects and know they will get done right.  You won’t have to spend your valuable time micromanaging an employee.  Thus, resulting in increased efficiency for you and for the firm.

3) Expertise and Control

Don’t limit your firm to the skill and expertise of one full-time employee. When opting to outsource, you are given the freedom to target specific tasks with highly experienced individuals, and as a result, performance is streamlined. When relying on external expertise you and your firm are in complete control of the relationship, making everything from communication to responsibilities on your terms.

4) Focus on What Matters

Get back more time in your day.  Outsourcing allows your firm's partners and leaders to focus on the most important aspect of your firm, clients and billable time.

5) Peace of Mind

Finding the right agency or individual to outsource with will give your firm the peace of mind that your projects are being handled successfully and in a timely manner. As a result, your firm will get more accomplished with less time and stress.

Do you think outsourcing is the right choice for your firm?  If so, let's talk!