The COVID19 crisis has permanently changed our daily lives.  We are facing challenging times where everyone in our community is affected.  There is not one person who is not worried and stressed over their loved ones’ health and the future of our economy. Everyone is just a little on edge to say the least.  This includes businesses.  This includes law firms.  Law firms literally flipped the switch from being in the physical office to creating virtual offices overnight, not an easy task for the legal industry.  The legal community thrives on being in the office with face-to-face interaction with colleagues and clients.  This new temporary norm (I say temporary because I have hope that we will be back to norm soon) has forced us to pivot and adjust.   A new workday has emerged, and folks are changing how we approach and operate the day-to-day operations.   This also forces us to rethink how we continue to maintain and strengthen our relationships, especially our client relationships.  This is a moment that matters.  How we handle crisis with our employees, colleagues and clients stands out and will be remembered.   Here are a few ideas on how to continue to strengthen your client relationships during this time:

  • Schedule a reoccurring meeting, lunch or happy hour via Zoom, Google Duo, or Facetime.  There are several ways to connect live and it makes a difference to see the person in realtime.  In uncertain times, a consistent time scheduled helps make everyone feel a bit calmer.  
  • Local restaurants need our support.  Send lunch to your client from one of their local restaurants.  Better yet, have a Zoom meeting while they enjoy lunch that you ordered.  This is a great way to support the community and let your client know you are thinking of them. 
  • Does your client sell a product that you can purchase for your team and/or family?  If so, support your client that may be severely impacted by this crisis by purchasing their product.
  • Is your client a nonprofit? Was there an event that you were supposed to attend (fundraiser, gala, etc.) that was cancelled because of COVID?  Reach out and suggest a virtual fundraiser with online tools like GoFundMe.
  • Your clients are being inundated with COVID information.  Acknowledge this and ask your clients how they want to receive COVID updates and information. Then do just that, set up a specific communication system that works for them. 

These are just a few ideas to stay in front of your clients during this COVID crisis.   Lawyers are born leaders, and this is the time more than ever to leverage your strength and leadership skills in a calm, informed and supportive manner.  These type of examples above are the value-added services law firms promote.  Now is the time to deliver to your clients.   This is the moment that matters, show your clients you are there for them.

If you have marketing or business development needs or would like to create a client outreach program during the COVID crisis, please contact Dore Consulting Group.  We are here to help with your marketing needs!